Let salt therapy come to you!

The Salt Cave Mobile provides, for the first time ever, the luxury of relaxation and salt therapy on location. For corporations, festivals, wedding parties, birthdays, book clubs, celebrations and any other gatherings you can imagine!

The Mobile Experience

The Salt Cave Mobile is designed with a mix of beautiful Himalayan pink salt and reclaimed wood. The salt generator within the space introduces salt into the air, just like being by the ocean. Find the deepest states of relaxation at your location during all seasons all over the US--the space is equipped with both heat (floor heat + furnaces) and air conditioning to provide the perfect temperature during all months.

Customize the Vibe

If you are looking to build and operate a mobile salt cave in your state, we can match the climate in your area to how the trailer is built. The seating arrangement can be however you envision operating your mobile business : Lafuma sling chairs, hammock chairs, and/or benches for lying flat to maximize your comfort.


Call 612-567-2587 or email for construction inquiries.