In addition to salt therapy services, we're pleased to offer a carefully curated selection of unique salt-based products available for purchase. Many items are one-of-a-kind pieces made from imported Himalayan crystal salt from the Khewra mines in Pakistan. Because inventory may vary, we encourage you to drop by in-person to browse current stock. Below is a sampling of our retail offerings:


We carry a variety of lamps and candleholders crafted from pure Himalayan crystal salt. The colors and contours of these beautiful items vary; no two are exactly alike. Prices range from $10 to $100 and up, depending on the size and specs of each piece. The unique beauty and calming glow of salt lamps make them a great gift, and some regular users report positive health benefits due to their negative ionization properties.


Himalayan salt blocks are a wonderful accessory for everyday cooking. They can be used on a grill, stovetop or in the oven, enhancing the flavor of everything from vegetables to seafood to steaks and beyond. Prices vary according to size, ranging from around $30 to $110.


Natural Himalayan bath salts have been shown to offer a range of benefits, from stress relief to improved skin. While various types of commercial bath salts can be found easily at everyday gift shops, we strive to offer a limited selection of only the finest imported Himalayan salts.


These special salt bars are great for exfoliating skin. Rather than rub it directly on your body, you're advised to treat each bar as a compact salt source and use a damp washcloth to apply the salt to your skin. Prices start at $6.


Himalayan salts can add wondrous taste to all kinds of dishes We carry a limited selection of fine and coarse salts, priced according to weight.

If you have a question about our retail offerings, call us at 612-567-2587.