In addition to individual salt therapy sessions, The Salt Cave offers special services and themed sessions that let visitors experience the benefits of salt therapy while enjoying other activities. See below for a list of current options and call us or visit the scheduling page to reserve a spot. Take the short video tour →


yoga in the salt caveThe Salt Cave is a wonderful place to practice yoga, as deep breathing can help to maximize the benefits of salt therapy. Salt Cave Yoga is currently available for private yoga sessions or you can schedule individually for select Saturday’s throughout the month. Yoga classes costs $45 per person and we have a minimum of 5 people for a class.


Experience guided meditation in one of the most unique locations in Minnesota, led by Jean Nitchals.

As Founder & Owner of Crystal Healing Collective, Jean is passionate about lifting others up, making a positive difference in the world, and helping individuals maximize their strengths. Jean is a Reiki Master and Crystal Energy Healer, and has more than 15 years of intuitive life coaching experience. Her practice includes a variety of healing modalities including Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Alchemy, Crystal Healing, and more. Also included in her portfolio of healing and coaching certifications is Chopra Health Enrichment certification, David Elliot Healer Trainer – Level 1 Prayanama Breath Work (in progress), and a variety of personality assessments including StrengthsFinder, StandOut, FourSight, Insights, and NeuroColor.

Combining her purpose, passion, intuition, and depth of education, Jean creates a holistic approach to take you on the journey of self-discovery, purpose, and alignment. Working with Jean as a healer or coach will allow you to heal from the lessons of the past to manifest your life’s purpose and take steps forward. Whether its energy healing, crystal & sounds healing, life coaching, and breathwork, you will experience a shift on your journey forward. She is filled with laughter and a celebratory mindset, and believes we each have a unique purpose in life. Jean (and The Salt Cave) is here to help you discover that purpose and celebrate the journey along the way with you. Learn more about her at Crystal Healing Collective

Discover the combined benefits of meditation and salt therapy, both of which have been used for centuries to improve health and reduce stress. In combination with the benefits of salt therapy, meditation can also support increased serotonin levels in the brain and promote more clarity and creativity. The combination of the salt cave health benefits along with focused stress reducing techniques will help restore your body and mind. You’ll receive relaxation techniques, such as breathing exercises, meditation, visualization, and chi exercises, all while detoxifying your body in the salt cave environment.

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We carry a unique selection of imported salts and salt-based products available for purchase. Click here to view a sampling of our inventory.

Would you like to lead a group, teach a class or host a gathering in the salt cave? Contact us for details on special services and group bookings. We offer a one-of-a-kind environment where people of any age or background can come together and enjoy the natural benefits of salt therapy.